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Template allow us to design a web page, admin panel, web application layout. The tempplates I made are very easy to use and can also be used as a blog, admin, portal,...

Sensation sensationenergy Template are built from our GRID system in kopme se nalzi and me. You can find these parts on the Sensation Fronted page at: Sensation Framework - FrontEnd They can also be combined with PHP, MySql and JSON.


They are used by first downloading from the page and pasting it into a web folder. After that in any editor you just edit or change as you need.

If you only use it for design you can change the look itself and add elements like button shapes, .. or if you want to combine with PHP you can add elements like select, insert,...

Front template

Front template used for the appearance of the web application itself. Three examples of BLOG PORTAL and ADMIN are given.

Front template they are not made with a base, but you can add a base as desired. It is easy to use and with the combination of our Sensation Frmework frontend you can give various elements. You can use pro making templates for the Energy CMS front.

Admin template

Admin template Admin template is used to make admin dashboard. It can of course also be used as a regular website for the site or main page. It can also be combined with bases. You can use it as a theme for our CMS UNITED or Energy.

Two templates were made.

  • 1. The first is a simple page that you can change and add to the database
  • 2. The second is a combination with a database where you only have a login form and logout. Here you are shown the combination with the base. In addition, you have elements, menu, accordion, right slider and PopUp window



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