Sensation Energy


Forms & Grid

In this tutorial show you how to combination ours Forms and Grid

Clasic inputs 1

Clasic inputs are ordinary input and lable for entry:

Clasic inputs 2

Clasic inputs full screen input for entering text in one column

Mluti inputs 1

Mluti inputs Number: where only numbers, checkbox and Radio buttons are entered.

Mluti inputs 2

Time input only time, Date: input only date, Value - example (edit in php mysql) Textarea-input multi text with multi rows and coloumns

Upload image or file

Upload image or some other file in php folder or mysql

Readonly and require fields

Readonly is field without input, Require Date or Text required field which you must fill out.


Select row (in php mysql), name, text,..


Button for publish, edit, delete, view, cancel, submit,...