Sensation Framework

Sensation Framework is a three-component framework for creating web and mobile applications. It consists of FrontEnd, BackEnd famework and Mobile UI components

Sensation Framework Back End framework is MVC Framework

Sensation Framework Mobile is UI framework

Sensation Framework is MIT Licence

Sensation Framework consists of three parts, which are:

Front End

Front End is framework when designing the look of an application or website.


Mobile UI Framework used for font applications for smartphones.

Back End

Back End serves to control the site. serves to control the site. It was made as a MVC (Model, View Controller).Very easy to program and use.

Content Management System

Energy Cms

Energiy CMS is a content management system. It is installed in a very simple way and use. Consists of:

It is installed in a very simple way and use.

Consists of:

  • FontrEnd
  • BackEnd (admin panel)
  • Plugins
  • Template

Energy CMS is MIT Licence

United Cms

United CMS is File Flat content management system based on JSON & PHP

United CMS which facilitated the creation of web pages.

United CMS is open source

United CMS is MIT Licence

Union Database

Union Database is "File Flat" database which is based on PHO nad JSON.

Union Database is MIT Licence

Union Database allows the following:

REST API with JSON, Create CRUD with JSON, Add folder, Add files, Delete Files, Delete Folder, View Folders, View files, Rename folder, Rename files, Upload folder, Upload file, Export folder, Export file, Copy files, Move files, Edit files

Function 7 & Grid


Function 7 & Grid is CRUD and Fuction Function 7 & Grid is MIT Licence In Function 7 & Grid you can take a look and learn how to work with CRUD functions. I also made an example F 7 & Grid - CHAT & CMS where you can see the functionality of F 7 & Grid. In addition to this, I created a reporting system and a chat system.



F 7 & Grid - CHAT & CMS is mini CMS with admin panel, login function, register, simple chat, search and contact. This is example certain functions from Function 7 in admin panel.



JSON and XML PHP MySql is a combination of XML, JSON, PHP and MySql. In this way we show avm how at the same time you can export XML, JSON and insert it into the MySql database. JSON and XML PHP MySql is an example that shows how you can insert or export KML and JSON files. CRUD is displayed at the following addresses:Function 7 JSON PHP - CRUD and Function 7 XML PHP - CRUD


Funtion 7 Comments

Funtion 7 comments system is system form comment. and replays. Comments system allows us to comment indefinitely and to respond to our comments. It is used by first creating a database in PHPMyAdmin and pasting the previously copied database. Then place the folder in the web server folder and run it at the address as an example LOCALHOST. If you want to integrate with your blog, form, ... then put it in the folder where yours is the form, blog, news, .. and use it.


Function 7 Report

Funtion 7 Report used to create various reports with the MySql database in PHP. Funtion 7 Report is designed to help the user in the easiest way to make a report with all the elements from the database table. It is used by first copying the database code to an already created database in PHPMyAdmin, after which you connect to the database.


F 7 Mulit

F 7 & GRID Multi with PHP Mysql is multi-functional CRUD. F7 Multi which helps you understand certain more complex functionalities. Of course everything is connected to the MySql database.

F 7 & GRID Multi have many functionalities such as:

  • Clone table
  • Join & Union
  • Change status
  • Multi tag


F 7 Pro

Procedural PHP with Mysql Procedural programming is about writing procedures or functions that perform operations on the data, while object-oriented programming is about creating objects that contain both data and functions.



OOP PHP Object Oriented Programming is a type of programming language which helps in building complex, reusable web applications. It also connects to the database.



PDO PHP is a Database Access Abstraction Layer. It also connects to the database.



PHP JSON is used to read value from a web server and print data to a website.



PHP XML is used to get the value of an element in the structure of a XML file.



Here I will explain how PHP is used with CSV files Function fgetcsv () parses a line from file for CSV fields.


How to tutorial

Privilege & Role & Action

Privilege & Role & Action are features that allow users to be an administrator, moderator or regular user. Roles allow users to log in to the page for which they have a role, as well as to their personal side. Privileges are based on roles, ie. On how you set them, and depending on that the user can, for example, in our case see all the fields or some, it all depends on how you set them. We call this action. The action is based on "yes" or'' "no", if the user has an action everywhere with that he can see everything, if he doesn't have or has somewhere with that he can only see it, if there is "no" name, the user can't see.




Json Login

In this tutorial I will show you how to make an application using php and json. In this tutorial, we will not use the Miskl database, but we will extract the data from json.




Web Service

Web services are communication services between two computers. In this tutorial we will use SOAP and REST and our databases will be JSON and XML. And all of that together with PHP I MySql.

This means that when you create your JSON or XML file (database) you can send it as a service in an application written in another or php programming language. You can also receive databases and plug them into your application.





TPL is a template file which is a common text file that contains user-defined variables that are entitled to be overridden by user-defined output content when a PHP web application




Form & Grid

Forms & Grid are elements to facilitate the disassembly of parts of applications. stolen in a combination of HTML and CSS.




Making and testing app

How to making and testing application. In This Tutorial we show haow Making application with test





Template allow us to design a web page, admin panel, web application layout. The tempplates I made are very easy to use and can also be used as a blog, admin, portal,...

Sensation sensationenergy Template are built from our GRID system in kopme se nalzi and me. You can find these parts on the Sensation Fronted page at: Sensation Framework - FrontEnd They can also be combined with PHP, MySql and JSON.

Basic Front Template

Front template used for the appearance of the web application itself. Three examples of BLOG PORTAL and ADMIN are given.

Front template

Basic Admin Template

Admin template Admin template is used to make admin dashboard. It can of course also be used as a regular website for the site or main page. It can also be combined with bases. You can use it as a theme for our CMS UNITED or Energy.

Admin template

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