Union Database

Union Database Is "File Flat" Database Which Is Based On PHP and JSON.

Fast performance

You can make changes to the bases
in a very short time

Quick installation

Just insert into the apache server and
procretent the base in the browser

Easy to use

Our base is very easy to use

Why you should choose our database

Because it provides great opportunities. Here are some of the options:


Create, View, Read one,
Read all, Delete


Allows you to insert a JSON file
from a web url as well


Report serves us to extract reports
from the JOSN database

Design the base to
your liking

Take a look at an example of how you can create a database for your needs

Union Database allows the following:

  • REST API with JSON
  • Create CRUD with JSON
  • Add folder
  • Add files
  • Delete Files
  • Delete Folder
  • View Folders
  • View files
  • Rename folder
  • Rename files
  • Upload folder
  • Upload file
  • Export folder
  • Export file
  • Copy files
  • Move files
  • Edit files

Documentation & Download

Documentation Union Database

Here you can read more about Union Database see the tutorial with the code

Download Union Database

Download the database on Github

WE USE COOKIES Introduction. BeSafe works to protect your privacy when you use our services.

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